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January 12th, 2009

Washington D.C. — President-elect Barack Obama has a new plan for a government run health insurance program.  This fresh government health insurance plan would compete directly with private insurance carriers.  The plan for this idea took great heat as Republican fired at a nomination hearing for Tom Daschle to run the Health and Human Services Department.  This new health plan is suppose to mimic our medicare system in the United States.  Has anyone tried to figure out this government run entity.  It is a nightmare to say the least. 

Republican of Wyoming stated “Any new insurance coverage must be delivered through private insurance plans,” said Senator Michael Enzi.  His thought is that competition is a necessity.  How can private health insurance companies compete with government sponsored insurance.  Is Michael Enzi in with the health insurance lobbyist?  What would happen if Americans lost nearly 400,000 jobs with this new program?

Mike Enzi was commenting on Barack Obama’s plan that would reduce the number of uninsured by making available a version of the Medicare system.  That is not going to be the solution for Americans.  There needs to be a common ground when fixing our health care system.  Health Insurance is seen by the Left wing as being a benefit that should be FREE to us.  Is that really going to work?  What do you the consumers of this health insurance fiasco think?  Read more news on Obamas Plan Here.

January 8th, 2009

Many Georgia politicians are being pushed in the direction of Georgia Health Insurance reform.  The state has one of the highest uninsured rates in the country.  Nearly 18 percent of the the peach states population are uninsured.  Georgia ranks very high on the list for one of the worst health care states.  They are a close second to that of Florida Insurance market.  What are the residents of this state going to do?  Demand health insurance in Georgia become affordable?

The good thing is that there are some easy ways to fix this problem.  Georgia should be able to get on track and be on the road to health care reform. Most Georgia politicians will start by implementing some simple measures that will harness the power of the public and private sectors.  Do you think Private health insurance is the solution?  Or should we go with a Universal Health Care program, such has the Barack Obama admininstration is pushing?  We want your thoughts as insurance consumers.