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March 20th, 2010

Jacksonville, Florida –

How come President Obama hasn’t read a bill he wants to pass?  Why can’t he answer the difficult questions on health insurance reform?

March 4th, 2009

Jacksonville, Florida (32256) — The new economic package that Barack Obama signed into legislation will help health insurance consumers get help for a period of 9 months per with their health premiums.   The new law was put into place last month and will help with the extremely high costs by subsidizing your COBRA health insurance premiums for workers who have lost their jobs. Did you know federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, or COBRA, an employee that loses their job can continue their former employer’s health plan for up to 18 months, but that is only if they pay can come up with the entire cost of the plans premium, plus the dreadful 2% administrative costs. Most COBRA premiums are pretty expensive and can exceed $500 a month for an individual.  For families it is you could easily see a $1,200 a month premium.

The new reinvestment act and or stimulus package will subsidize 65% of the COBRA premiums for employees who have recently lost their jobs, backdating to September of 2008 and lasts for a 9 month period.  Once your 9 months is up you can purchase a new private health insurance  plan or pay the entire COBRA premium. Did you delay signing up for COBRA coverage when you lost your job?   If that is the case you have 60 days to re-enroll after you receive a notice from your employer.  How great is that.  Your employer in some cases will be paying more for your COBRA then they contributed to your monthly costs.  Do you think this will last for long?  Or is Mr. Obama setting up the health care system for failure?