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August 11th, 2009

President Obama continued his fight against the health insurance companies in New Hampshire today. Obama is making the right moves; both the Democrats and Republicans realize that health insurance companies are the biggest problem with our existing health care system. According to the President insurance companies are money hungry. They have so many limitations. Insurance companies do not cover you if you have a pre-existing condition and they discard people from their health insurance plans as soon as they get sick. President Obama promises that all this will change when the health care reform is passed. According to the President no one in the U.S. should go broke because they got ill. Do you agree with the President? Are insurance companies the biggest problem with our health care system?

August 5th, 2009

On Monday the White House tried to saturate speculation that the government may have to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for the health insurance reform. This was despite what President Obama has been preaching since his election. The president reprimanded his economic team stating that he intends to stand by his word and will not raise taxes on families making less than $250K. The President’s plan is to impose taxes on only the wealthiest Americans. Certain critics say that Obama should not limit the tax increases to only the rich. They state that the increases should extend to a broader section of Americans so that way they would become invested in the new healthcare system like they are in Medicare and Social security. What do you think?


July 25th, 2009

Are you in the process of thinking about buying affordable health insurance? This means that you need to know the steps for doing so before you actually move forward. When you know which steps to take, the order they go in, and what you want to accomplish, everything becomes a bit clearer on your end. From there, all you have to do is find an affordable health insurance company that can help you to get what you want. This does not have to be difficult either.

The first step in buying affordable health insurance is assessing your situation and what is going on around you. Do you need to buy new Florida health insurance because your group policy is long gone? Maybe you have to purchase for more than one person, such as a child or spouse. Your situation does not matter as much as knowing what it is. You can more than likely find a  health insurance policy to match any position you may currently be in.

The next logical step is beginning your search for health insurance policies. You can do this by receiving online quotes or through a broker. Many consumers find that hiring a broker is the best option because it allows them to receive quotes while also getting help from a professional.

The basic steps for buying  health insurance are pretty much the same for every consumer in this position. You should not be much different! Learn more today at the health insurance forum for industry news.

January 15th, 2009

Glendale, Arizona — Don’t Quit when Shopping for your Health Insurance!

It can be easy to get frustrated when shopping for health insurance. You may not be able to find what you are looking for. Or along the same lines you may find something you like but learn soon enough that you cannot afford it. No matter what, if you run into a problem you need to know that it is important that you never quit. If you quit you will end up with nothing, and this is not what you set out to accomplish. 

Many consumers quit shopping for health insurance because it is the easy thing to do. Instead of working through their issues they leave them behind and think that something will miraculously change. Of course, this never happens. If you quit searching for coverage you will never find it. 

Instead of abandoning your search for the perfect health insurance policy you should look for ways to fix the issues you are facing. For instance, if you cannot find a policy you can hire a broker. If you find that you need to spend more money you can look into adjusting your budget. 

All in all, quitting is not going to do you any good if you truly need to purchase a health insurance policy. Don’t get stopped from finding the perfect policy because of a minor setback.  

January 12th, 2009

Washington D.C. — President-elect Barack Obama has a new plan for a government run health insurance program.  This fresh government health insurance plan would compete directly with private insurance carriers.  The plan for this idea took great heat as Republican fired at a nomination hearing for Tom Daschle to run the Health and Human Services Department.  This new health plan is suppose to mimic our medicare system in the United States.  Has anyone tried to figure out this government run entity.  It is a nightmare to say the least. 

Republican of Wyoming stated “Any new insurance coverage must be delivered through private insurance plans,” said Senator Michael Enzi.  His thought is that competition is a necessity.  How can private health insurance companies compete with government sponsored insurance.  Is Michael Enzi in with the health insurance lobbyist?  What would happen if Americans lost nearly 400,000 jobs with this new program?

Mike Enzi was commenting on Barack Obama’s plan that would reduce the number of uninsured by making available a version of the Medicare system.  That is not going to be the solution for Americans.  There needs to be a common ground when fixing our health care system.  Health Insurance is seen by the Left wing as being a benefit that should be FREE to us.  Is that really going to work?  What do you the consumers of this health insurance fiasco think?  Read more news on Obamas Plan Here.