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August 25th, 2009

As the debate over the health care reform continues, states have been busy implementing their own laws to permit young adults to stay longer on their parent’s health insurance. New York passed a law allowing parents to keep children on their company’s health insurance up to the age of twenty nine, regardless if they are not students. The stipulation is that the dependant must not be eligible for other coverage and they must work or be a permanent resident of the state. There are more than twenty states so far that have adopted similar laws. Do you think children should be allowed to remain on their parent’s health insurance until their late twenties?

April 23rd, 2009

When you are ready and willing to buy health insurance nobody should be able to stop you. This is something that you need, and if you let somebody get in your way it could end up putting you in a bad position. The easiest way to get  health insurance is to realize that you need it, decide which steps to take, and then make it happen. There is no point in waiting around. 

Even if you lose health insurance through your employer you can still get back on top of things if you have an idea of what you are doing. Again, your employer can take away group health insurance coverage but they have no right to stop you from buying a policy on your own. 

Whatever obstacle is in your way you need to move it aside as soon as possible. You don’t want anything to get in your way, or slow you down if you need to move ahead quickly. 

Do you feel that you are being held back from buying the right health insurance? In this case it is important to overcome the obstacle that is facing you, and then move forward until you are satisfied with the end result. Soon enough you will realize that you are the only one standing in the way. 

February 23rd, 2009

A recent survey shows that an estimated 4 million American citizens have lost their health insurance.   We have declared a recession within the last few months, and as many as 15,000 individuals could be losing their health insurance coverage daily.  This new health care report was issued by liberal think tank Center For American Progress.

This new report also claims at nearly half of the 5 million who lost their health insurance coverage still are uninsured. Previous our recession there was an estimated 47 million Americans without health insurance coverage.

With the recent crazy economic climate, however, it is likely increased the vast number uninsured at the rate of 15,000 a day, according to the center.  Is that possible? With the new Cobra credit help americans?

This new report uses estimates from many Institute researchers that a two percentage point rise in the unemployment rate (higher in Florida) causes 2.5 million individuals to lose employer-sponsored group health insurance coverage. Of those people, 2 million rely on Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program and 2.1 million end up uninsured problem. 

Where do we go from here?  Will the rate of the insured keep rising?  Or will we find a solution that keeps everyone happy?  Let us know what you think?  We want the health insurance revolution to begin!