Consumer Coverage Blog
January 2nd, 2009

The United States offers the freedom on choice when it comes to most products.  We as individuals decide which goods and services to purchase from an amazing assortment offered to us in many areas of our lives.   Does this include your health insurance?  Does America let you have the freedom to choose the health plan for your family? 

Many healthy Americans have the choice to choose their own health plan.  But what about the groups of people that are unhealthy and private insurance companies won’t touch them with a 10 foot pole…  Is this the right thing to do?  Does our governement stand in the way of consumer-driven health care?

Having health insurance sold privately is the way to go.  You must have competition in the health care industry, as well all other industries.  But what can we do to enhance this industry that gets such a bad wrap?  FREE health insurance isn’t the way to go, but what is?  Let us know what you think…

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